All humans are born young. We need to change this now.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Well, maybe not that frequently, but I'll answer them anyway
What is RSS?
It is a way to follow blogs, news websites, Twitter accounts, Youtube channels and so on. You can follow pretty much anything, even search results and comments on certain posts. RSS also allows you to follow your favorite content creators without an account or giving up your data to social media companies.
What does "blyat" mean?
It's a universal and emotional word. Usually someone could use it when they are very frustrated or happy. There is also a word "blyad" which means "whore", but we won't talk about that.
Why does this project exist?
Many popular websites do not provide an official RSS feed and this project attempts to fix this, blyat.
Can I donate?
Yes! You definitely can. Please choose your favorite service and donate to the developer directly. BLYAT does not accept any donations, though.
Can I trust you with my data?
If you are an adventurist, yes.
Do you sell it?
I just... You... Whoah. No.
Can I host these services myself?
Yes! The source code for the front page, as well as for the container images, is somewhere on Github. If you find it, please leave a star, so my self esteem will grow by exatly one star.
How reliable your servers are?
Well, all services are hosted on a Hetzner's VPS (Finland). It's pretty good.
Are you trolling me?
No, why would you think that?
Gib. Mor.
If you are looking for more tools, check out Invidious (Youtube), Nitter (Twitter) and Bibliogram (Instagram). You should also take a look at RSSHub Radar, which is a browser extension that helps discovering official feeds.